9 Key Features of a Landing Page that Converts

If you’re interested in gated content and the sacred quest to convert faceless visitors to known leads that can ultimately be turned to sales, then this free (and ungated!) new eBook, The Smart Guide to Gated Landing Pages that Convert is for you.  In the marketer’s grand effort to identify new customers, the gated landing page and gated content are of key importance. In fact, one can make the case that the landing page is at least equal in importance to the actual gated content itself, and some may argue that it is even more critical to the effort to convert. After all, it’s this page that divides the content from the free digital world, and it’s this page that must convince the reader to trade his or her personal information for the secrets that the hidden content beholds, long before the reader ever reaches the gated content itself.

Key Features of a High Performing Gated Landing Page

In this free eBook, I’ve focused on 9 most-have features that influence readers to hit that button.  These include:

  1. Raise-Your-Hand Hero Text.  Grabs the attention of the reader and communicate what the content is about at the get-go.Get the guide
  2. Look-at-Me Hero Banner. Features eye candy in the form of a compelling image that appeals or entices the reader.
  3. Now-that-I-Have-Your-Attention Subheader Text.  Dangles an interesting hook that grabs the reader’s attention. Could be a fact, statistic, or relational statement.
  4. What’s-it-to-You Description of Benefits. Explains why the reader should be interested in the content from the reader’s point of view.
  5. What-to-Expect Bullet List. Enables the reader to quickly glean what they will learn from the content by using a bullet list to format for quick visual consumption of the page.
  6. Give-’em-a-Taste Sample Content. Embellishes the content by featuring a poignant quote, interesting statistic or unique image from the content to entice appetite.
  7. Nice-to-Meet-You Handshake to the Form.  Extends a warm greeting to invite the reader to complete the form. Use friendly language to establish a trusting relationship in the form header
  8. This-is-What-You’ll-Get Call to Action. Provides comfort to the reader by using carefully crafted CTAs that inform what will come next. Think beyond “register” and “download”.
  9. Get-a-Great-Experience-from-Anywhere Design.  Delivers an optimal experience for the reader in both mobile and desktop views. With the majority of the population on the go, digital media must be coded to provide the best experience across a variety of devices.

Learn more about the how’s and why’s of gated landing pages and how you can boost conversions in The Smart Guide to Gated Landing Pages that Convert. 





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