About Me

Hello world! I’m very pleased to meet you and I’m excited to share my views on digital marketing with you.  I am currently part of the Microsoft digital marketing mega-force, specifically within the Central Marketing Organization of the U.S. subsidiary, where I run a super cool team of content creators.

Kat MunsellDespite having a law degree, for the last two decades, I’ve spent my time hands on in the emerging digital world,  working on digital content and social media long before these areas even had names! What can I say, except that I am intrigued by a world in which you can reach and have an impact on a million people around the globe from a keyboard.  Digital marketing fascinates me — in fact, it’s my addiction, and I truly love the art and science behind it all.

I’m excited to share my experiences and scrappy ways of connecting with people just like you, so read on and please share your thoughts in the comments below!